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Where We are Now with Bionics


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Solar & crowdfunding are getting cozier every day


Solar power in the U.S. had a kick-ass year last year. And crowd-funding had pretty much nothing to do with that. But increasingly startups and large companies alike are eying the potential of crowd-funding as a means to add fuel to the fire of the ongoing solar boom and give customers new financing options.

This week Oakland-based startup Solar Mosaic launched a new way to use its crowd-funding platform to fund home solar systems. The new option, called the “Mosaic Home Solar Loan” takes their model of enabling their community of investors to fund solar panel systems on commercial and government buildings, and offers that option for solar panel systems on regular homes. It’s only available right now in California.


In the case of platforms like Solar Mosaic, investors can make back returns on their investment over time, from around 5 to 9 percent for a 9 to 10…

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