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Will it finally happen?


Canada’s airways are safe again – the Red Zeppelin is down!


Good news, Canada: Budweiser’s goal light blimp has been found.

Bad news, Canada: It is yet to be retrieved.

The 70-foot-long blimp that was made for the Olympics and is literally a big goal light in the sky, was stationed outside an event in St. John, New Brunswick when it broke free from its tethers and began floating away. That was on Saturday.

Aside from a few scattered sightings, the blimp was nowhere to be found by officials but it was expected to come down around Sussex, NB, some 70 kilometers to the northeast of St. John.

Indeed it has descended in New Brunswick and officials know exactly where it is. But getting to it is going to a challenge. From the CBC…”It’s in a wooded area in New Brunswick that doesn’t look like it’s going to be real easy to get to,” said Wade Keller, director of corporate affairs…

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This Google Motherboard Means Trouble for Intel

About GMG Tech Engineering Ltd

GMG Tech Engineering Ltd

The Fusion of Art, Science and Business

GMG TECH is a group of several partners with various specialties united in a “permanent consortium” with the vocation to bring all the support necessary for every promoter.

Its action is registered within the framework of service offer: Conception, studies, assembly, financing, realization, marketing and project management.

Who We Are

GMG TECH by its organization, its functioning and its philosophy, is the fruits of many years of Work, Analyses and Preparation. It was necessary to pass by a long process of conception, corrections and adaptation to reach the current result.

GMG TECH is a synergy of skills, reference, know how to make, potential, services etc. Several partners, collaborating together for several years in ill-assorted way, under the leadership of a single entity so giving to the group the connotation of “Permanent Consortium“.

The objective is to have a capable structure to…

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Apple offers to replace faulty iPhone 5 on-off buttons for free

Beta Leader's

Ting now supports the iPhone 5.

Apple on Friday said it would replace power buttons that are not working properly on some iPhone 5 handsets.

iPhone owners with the problem can enter their phone’s serial number into Apple’s support website and, if the phone is eligible, the company will repair it for free.

Apple said the on-off — or “sleep-wake” in Apple parlance — issue affected only a “small percentage” of iPhone 5 users, causing the button to work intermittently or to flat out stop working.

The replacement move is rare for Apple, but the company has made this type of fix before. After it released the iPhone 4 in 2010, Apple responded to widespread complaints about faulty antennas — and a media frenzy dubbed “Antennagate” — by giving owners free cases to alleviate the problem. Last October, the company recalled flash memory drives on certain models of the MacBook Air. And in…

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Santa Cruz Looks To Keep Tech Community In Town

CBS San Francisco

SANTA CRUZ (KPIX 5) — To most of the outside world, Santa Cruz is known for the wide open ocean, its beaches, and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. A few blocks from shore, a vibrant and growing tech community exists.

“There is a huge amount of tech talent here,” said Andrew Mueller, who runs a tech company. He is organizing a weekend-long startup blitz to help strengthen the local tech community.

“In that it brings people together to get them out of the talking phase of things they want to do, into this doing phase of starting to do that.” Mueller told KPIX 5.

“We analyze cancer genomes” said Steve Benz, co-founder of Five3 Genomics. His company is a 3-year-old Santa Cruz startup which employs 10 people.

Benz said the tech talent in Santa Cruz is already strong.

“There’s lots of small startups that are raising big money from VC’s…

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The Call Is Coming From Inside the PlayStation

The Great Unwashed

Dear Roscoe,

You are gone, therefore, the Netflix is broken. This happens every time that you leave the house. It is a fact of my life; I do not begrudge the Netflix’s refusal to work when you are not present, I merely accept it. I don’t even get grouchy now when the technology malfunctions. Admittedly I’d probably become surly if the internet broke but even then I’d just head to into the university to use the computers and unnerve the frat boys when I pass them in the library.

“Hey Guys!” I’d say cheerily waving at the young men.

“Uh, hi Mrs. Unwashed from next door” they would reply awkwardly.

After the Netflix’s refusal to function and show me good things, I turned to the DVD collection on the bookshelf, happily picturing a night spent watching the antics of Mike and Sulley in “Monsters Inc”. When I opened the package…

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Jeremy Kasdin: The flower-shaped starshade that might help us detect Earth-like planets

TED Summaries


Jeremy Kasdin: Aerospace engineer at Princeton University.


In the next decade, Jeremy wants us to build a space telescope that can take pictures of Earth-like planets in distant galaxies. Astronomers now believe that every star in the galaxy has a planet, and up to a fifth might have an earth-like planet that can sustain life. The ‘pale blue dot’ picture of Earth is difficult to take from a long way away, because the nearby beaming star overwhelms the telescope making it impossible to see the planets. Jeremy’s colleagues are working on technology to block out the extreme light of the sun and instead focus on the planet.

One idea is similar to the concept of an eclipse – where a closer object blocks the star, reducing its interference to a ring or corona effect. This is similar to putting a hand over a spotlight so you can see more…

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Future of driving

Johammer J1: First serial electric motorcycle with reach beyond 200 kilometers

naocrituss's Blog


Designed and produced in austria, the Johammer J1 motorcycle is the first serial electric bike capable of reaching beyond 200 kilometers in range thanks to its innovative energy supply system. Applying a chopper-like aesthetic, the electric gears and controls are integrated in the back wheel for a maintenance free ride. At the core lies a newly developed battery system; the shortest connection between the two axes being a direct line. the middle-frame is made from aluminum, which provides space for spring damper and battery pack. Two high-resolution 2.4 inch rear view mirrors provide relevant driving information in a compact display.


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