Windows XP and the Maytag Repairman


IMG_0303 Windows XP on NJ Transit Ticketing Machines

Planned Obsolescence is not a buzzword anymore, it’s a reality with horrible consequences.

My father has a fondness for telling of the conversation he had with the person selling him his first office computer. There were two choices: the 5 megabyte hard drive or the 10 megabyte hard drive. The salesman was very certain that if the larger hard drive were purchased it would “never” be filled up.

As short sighted as this mentality may have been in retrospect, in a certain way it was true. Had my father committed to using only the program he was being pitched, he could probably have maintained about 10,000 records in the larger drive.

At a certain point, when the technology is built well enough, does enough things, is easy enough for the non-expert to maintain, there is no reason to discard the old to be replaced…

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