Open Source TimeLapse Generator

Photography, Linux & More...

This is a follow up post for my last entry. I have written a simple TimeLapse generator GUI using Qt and other open source tools.

It currently supports these features.

  1. Select images for generating timelapse
  2. Basic image editing like adjusting Brightness, Contrast, Saturation. Also supports presets i.e Auto Enhance, Vivid & Grayscale.
  3. Supports 3 video output formats.
    1. High quality lossless MP4
    2. Medium quality MP4
    3. High quality AVI
  4. Supports 3 video resolutions.
    1. 720p
    2. 1080p HD
    3. 1440p HD

Videos rendered will have an aspect ration of  16:9.

There are some limitations of the tool which I am planning to resolve soon.

  1. Pictures are not de-flickered before rendering video.
  2. Video rendering might take a while if image size is more. This is due to the use of ‘mencoder’ utility for rendering. This can be solved by using libraries like libavcodec or libx264 directly instead.
  3. Option to select entire folder instead of images.

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