Modular phones, an advancement or a threat to current Smartphone makers ?


gsmarena_001 This is a typical Modular phone structure with individual components

The latest development in smartphone technology ” Modular Phones” is making its way around the world with its innovative approach. This latest technology deals with interchangeable components which can update phone’s software and hardware as technology evolves with time.

The technology first emerged in a video ‘Phonebloks, a phone worth keeping’ in September 2013 which showed the process of attaching individual third-party components (called “bloks”) to a main board (endoskeleton) that will hold the components with electo-permanent magnets.

Modular technology will result in a more personalised phone with features as per user’s requirement.

Users would feel free to customise their phone’s hardware with the latest upgraded modules in market. Like if Canon or Nikon release new camera modules for mobile phones, consumers who have a knack for smartphone photography can embed them by removing the older one. Isn’t it great?

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