The Xbox One is coming without Kinect, Does This Make Any Difference?


Today Microsoft outlined several key changes

to the Xbox brand, including a official price cut, the removal of Kinect and that the entertainment services like Netflix will no longer require a Gold subscription.

These are massive U turns for a company that just a few months ago reiterated their commitment to the Kinect device saying it would not ever be sold separately.

The motion control device was first launched for the Xbox 360 back in 2010 but was integrated seamlessly with the new Xbox One console (now it surely must just be called The Xbox right?) with Microsoft originally claiming the gaming system would not function without it.

The changes are sure to annoy and surprise both fans of the system, especially those who bought the console day one and those who chose PS4 due to the price.

Despite the changes I wonder whether this will make any differences. Yes…

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