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Paper, Pagers, and the PC: How Technology is Leaving Our Healthcare System in the Dust

My Urology Doc

As a millennial, I don’t understand paper, would rather text than talk, and really despise my good ol’ PC. Unfortunately, as a physician in full-time patient care, daily I’m forced to consume a forest worth of paper, call dozens of people back after receiving DOS-like texts on my pager, and can’t find anything but PCs in every single hospital system I serve. Does any other industry still operate like this?

Huge Stack Of Papers

My frustration with medicine’s technological challenges dates back to my first day of medical school in 2003. Google had been a search engine for 5 years, Amazon had been proliferating the use and modernization of cloud computing for 3 years, and Facebook was getting ready to launch. You can imagine the look on my face when I was told to go to my locker and pick up my packet of notes. “Paper notes?” I thought. That packet turned out to be a…

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while the kids were here we visited Best Buy and Future Shop a number of times and Ron was kept busy…

we picked up a USB hub…

20140617-205125-75085988.jpgand went back for a new card reader…

both of these items made me very happy… now I can finally plug in a USB stick and my camera memory card at my desktop… for months I haven’t been able to, which means I have basically had to write my blog on my phone… if I had a photo on the camera, I had to take a picture of the photo with my phone…

20140617-212404-77044058.jpgthen we got a new power bar which also has USB ports in it and that got put up on the wall… it is very handy and now there aren’t cords all over the floor… and I am going to be able to plug in my phone or fitbit in…

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Engadget Daily: Lumia 630 review, the deal with laser-cut clothing and more!

Deepak verma

Today, we dive into the realm of laser-cut clothing, review the Lumia 630, break down the benefits of the recent Xbox One update and take a look at Nike’s new Android Fuelband app. Read on for Engadget’s news highlights from the last 24 hours….
June 18, 2014 at 08:08AM
By Deepak verma

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Sea captains! In Kendall County?


When I was a youngster, I was besotted with sailing ships. I built models of the  Sir Thomas Lipton International Fishing Challenge Cup racer Bluenose, the U.S.S. Constitution, and (my masterpiece) the famed clipper ship Cutty Sark.

My most prized possession, a 1958 Christmas present, was my well-thumbed copy of the National Geographic’s Men Ships and the Sea, a collection of true sea stories, the end papers of which featured a full-rigged clipper ship, with all the sails labeled.

We spent hours virtually every summer day on the river back in those days, polling our scows up and down the Fox’s muddy stream, fishing and landing on and exploring nearby islands. One summer, I saved every penny I could and bought 2” diameter poles at Alexander Lumber that I fashioned into a fore-and-aft sailing rig for my scow. I manufactured leeboards and somehow talked my…

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New Book: “”Harold Garfinkel: The Creation and Development of Ethnomethodology” Left Coast Press

Interaction, Organisation & Technology

A bit of self-advertisement… in May my book “Harold Garfinkel: The Creation and Development of Ethnomethodology” was published by Left Coast Press. The book discusses Garfinkel’s creation of ethnomethodology, its anticipation of and important influence on a range of contemporary developments in sociology, including the sociology of science and technology, the new sociology of knowledge, the sociology of work, gender studies and others.

The book is based on and expands the German version published by UVK Verlagsgesellschaft in 2012.

Harold Garfinkel: The Creation and Development of Ethnomethodology (Left Coast Press.)


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Creator’s Corner: Marnie McCall | Intro to Web Development | Week Five



Time is flying by and with each week that passes I am feeling more capable than I thought I would at the beginning of this course.

Week 5 has been a continuation of Twitter Bootstrap. Rightly so as some of its components have had me at a loss. A lot of focus has been on the Grid System which has by far been the most challenging aspect of Bootstrap, at least for me. The Grid System is a 12 column responsive layout that allows for the content in your columns to adapt to the device you are viewing on. The default setting spans a column 12 units wide however with Bootstrap’s CSS incorporated, any number up to 12 responsive columns can be put in place. To add to this, any number of rows can then be used with alternate number of columns.  The results can be beautifully designed sites quite…

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The Ocean Cleanup

La vie en Fl'âme

Okay guys, here is one concrete project to “make the world a better place”. Within 7 days they already collected 10% of the necessary two million USD in order to begin to clean up a part of the oceans. Click it, watch it, share it, fund it!

>>> Webpage and Funding here <<<

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Revolutionizing Manufacturing Materials


New materials are constantly being created in order to keep up with our ever changing environment, economy and high-tech industries.

Texas News reported that “President Obama pledged $140 million in federal funding, combined with another $140 million in private funds, to two new high-tech manufacturing hubs in Detroit and Chicago. They’ll bring together private companies, nonprofits and universities to pioneer research for new technology.” This will support the research and innovation of many new materials.

Here are ten of the most beneficial new and coming products in the manufacturing industry.

Growing Bricks

Building materials are now being grown rather than fried. This innovation reduces the chemical pollution exertion from frying bricks. 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions are linked to the construction industry. These bricks provide the opportunity to recycle materials because they are made of sand and bacteria found in waste streams.

bioMASON Bricks

Cheaper and Lighter Carbon Fiber

Production and use of these new…

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June 2014: CaféHappy wrestles with our technology addiction 


CafeHappy Toronto

This June, CaféHappy met up to discuss “how to have a happy relationship with technology.” But how do we have a happy relationship with someone who’s screaming for our attention 24/7?

If our relationship with technology is less than ideal, the first step is to figure out why. A couples therapist start by figuring out the problem: is it lack of trust, different priorities, or bad communication? In the same way, we discovered that there are different problems we might be struggling with in our relationship with technology, and they require different solutions. 

Wasting time 

Many of us have honed our time-wasting skills on Facebook – and some of us have quit Facebook for that very reason – but even work-related technology like email can waste our time. When every incoming email seems urgent, we never get to the real important things on our to-do list. 

Rob takes a page from Tim…

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Netflix to Verizon: No, poor video quality is actually your fault