Evolution or Extinction

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In these days of fierce competition for products and services, the ability to maintain customers or grow a market base often determines whether a company survives, grows or dies. Sometimes complete changes in lines of service or products are required, and the window of opportunity is narrow.

While especially important for smaller companies who are less able to withstand fluctuations in the market, downturns in the economy or sudden and dramatic changes in consumer habits, large companies are certainly not untouchable and one could say possibly more vulnerable since changing large scale infrastructure quickly is even more difficult. Resistance to change on a historical basis also sometimes plays a part.

While goodwill, product demand or market monopoly gave many companies a great run – some for generations; colossal changes in the world economy, globalisation and a fast paced free market economy has meant uncertain economic security, even for nations, existing in this digital age of technology and information.

Multi corps and…

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