I Don’t Want to Be a Machine – Mantaining Individuality in a Technological World

Art That Speaks by Alison Pearce

I, for one, am highly appreciative of the advances and conveniences of modern technology. Particularly with the help of social media, we can now reach out to more like minded souls than ever before. We can exchange and debate intelligently on every idea imaginable from art to space exploration.

Awareness, education, support and current affairs can be discovered, researched and discussed with a simple few clicks of a button. For me personally, it has opened an entirely new avenue to share my art and writing and to connect with people I otherwise would have no contact with due to my circumstances. I have found true friends, I have been able to further my career in the arts, I have expanded my mind and I have found support where I truly needed it.

That is the up side.
But with technology there always comes challenges. It is a common thing to…

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