Life Expectancy: Of Our iPods and Planet

Snapshots of Thought

Personally, I am somewhat of a hoarder. I still have every old iPod, walkman, flip phone and even my first laptop. These items along with every gaming system I own are in a drawer in my room that is brimming with old sets of headphones, cables and chargers. For some reason when I do my spring cleaning each year, these items remain untouched. I know I probably will never use half of the old models, but at one point in time I was excited beyond belief at each one of these new products that I owned, and it was the coolest product on the market. Eventually, my iPod Nano could no longer hold a charge, my laptop was overheating any time I streamed a video, and my flip phone just simply was not ‘cool’ anymore. For one reason or another, the technology we invest in has a life expectancy that…

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