Why iOS 8 Can Mean Big Bucks For Online Retailers Marni Manko


It’s no news that consumers like to browse on their smartphones. But they like shopping around a lot more than they actually make purchases. Why? Because checkout and payment experiences on mobile are often clumsy, burdensome, and, in general, not much fun. In fact, these are widely known to be the biggest causes of cart abandonment in mobile commerce.

Why iOS 8 Can Mean Big Bucks For Online Retailers image iOS 8

Think about it. You’re on your cell, browsing up a storm, putting some sweet deals in your cart, and having a great overall shopping experience. Until you hit “check out.” Your mind turns from visions of yourself in that new outfit to the reality of having to whip out your credit card and laboriously type in all 16 digits. Suddenly, snagging those sale items doesn’t seem quite so compelling. Maybe you’ll get to it later when you have more time. Chances are, you won’t.

Cart abandonment plagues online retailers across the…

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