June 2014: CaféHappy wrestles with our technology addiction 


CafeHappy Toronto

This June, CaféHappy met up to discuss “how to have a happy relationship with technology.” But how do we have a happy relationship with someone who’s screaming for our attention 24/7?

If our relationship with technology is less than ideal, the first step is to figure out why. A couples therapist start by figuring out the problem: is it lack of trust, different priorities, or bad communication? In the same way, we discovered that there are different problems we might be struggling with in our relationship with technology, and they require different solutions. 

Wasting time 

Many of us have honed our time-wasting skills on Facebook – and some of us have quit Facebook for that very reason – but even work-related technology like email can waste our time. When every incoming email seems urgent, we never get to the real important things on our to-do list. 

Rob takes a page from Tim…

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