Paper, Pagers, and the PC: How Technology is Leaving Our Healthcare System in the Dust

My Urology Doc

As a millennial, I don’t understand paper, would rather text than talk, and really despise my good ol’ PC. Unfortunately, as a physician in full-time patient care, daily I’m forced to consume a forest worth of paper, call dozens of people back after receiving DOS-like texts on my pager, and can’t find anything but PCs in every single hospital system I serve. Does any other industry still operate like this?

Huge Stack Of Papers

My frustration with medicine’s technological challenges dates back to my first day of medical school in 2003. Google had been a search engine for 5 years, Amazon had been proliferating the use and modernization of cloud computing for 3 years, and Facebook was getting ready to launch. You can imagine the look on my face when I was told to go to my locker and pick up my packet of notes. “Paper notes?” I thought. That packet turned out to be a…

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