What is the Truth Surrounding the Internet’s Future?

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The World Wide Web (WWW) turned 25 on March 12th.  With 87% of Americans using the Internet today, a large majority say it’s been a good thing both for them personally and for society. The next 25 years could go one of two ways for the Web: evolving into a better Internet or a worse Internet. We can help the Internet evolve for the better with a coordinated international effort of Internet governance. Unfortunately, every forecast about the future of the internet has, more or less, turned out either to be an outrageous underestimate or a hopeless overestimate. The internet “bubble” that burst in 2000 was concrete monetary proof of this, as was the rise of Google as a service that would empower everybody and imperil the world’s media industries.

It is at least possible to make educated guesses from the pathway of technological evolution and understanding the laws of…

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