Executive Email Lists From DatabaseUSA.com Are A Gold Mine For Small Businesses


DatabaseUSA.com customers now take full advantage of up-to-date business executive email lists.

DatabaseUSA.com, the leading provider of full-service database and email marketing solutions for small businesses and sales people, announces that its customers are finding affordable and accurate email addresses for business professionals.

In the digital age, email has become a primary form of communication for many business professionals.prrwadvert DatabaseUSA.com boasts over 15 million business email records that include complete company contact information including:

Name and title

Phone number


SIC Code and description

Website and more

DatabaseUSA.com’s executive email contacts include email addresses from business owners, investors and venture capitalists, new businesses and other professionals including physicians, dentists, accountants, realtors, etc.

The email lists can be targeted to small business and salespeople’s specific needs with 28 selectable job titles and over 1.3 million specific job titles.

“Small businesses and sales people need to contact the right people at each…

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What is the Truth Surrounding the Internet’s Future?

HTC Communications

HTC Communications Blog

The World Wide Web (WWW) turned 25 on March 12th.  With 87% of Americans using the Internet today, a large majority say it’s been a good thing both for them personally and for society. The next 25 years could go one of two ways for the Web: evolving into a better Internet or a worse Internet. We can help the Internet evolve for the better with a coordinated international effort of Internet governance. Unfortunately, every forecast about the future of the internet has, more or less, turned out either to be an outrageous underestimate or a hopeless overestimate. The internet “bubble” that burst in 2000 was concrete monetary proof of this, as was the rise of Google as a service that would empower everybody and imperil the world’s media industries.

It is at least possible to make educated guesses from the pathway of technological evolution and understanding the laws of…

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Purpose and significance in the human relationship to technology; Part I

The Landscape of Being

Heidegger contends that ‘questioning builds a way’.[1] In previous posts I have identified the human being as the questioning being and, whether its interrogatory stance is an unthought embodied response to worldly existence, or articulated in conceptual and reasoned thought, this is how humans have made, and continue to make, their way in the world. In this sense I employ this descriptive term rather than to imply that all humans are conversant with the rules of logic or consciously subject experience to sustained analysis.

Building a canoe places one in a profound relationship with technology. Building a canoe places one in a profound relationship with technology.

Every human person stands in some relationship to, or provocative juxtaposition with, technology understood in the Heideggerian sense of a functional lens through which the world is perceived. The Amazonian Indian has a place in the community defined by his purposeful contribution as much as does the German law graduate. Everywhere life is understood…

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The Motorola Moto 360 gets the leaked press render treatment in two Colours


Motorola Moto 360Despite Google?s release of a dedicated smartwatch operating system (Android Wear) and two watches that utilize it (Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch), many Android enthusiasts only have one watch on their minds: the Motorola Moto 360. Maybe it?s the round face, maybe we?re all enthralled by Motorola?s decisions these days; whatever it is, the Moto 360 seems to have captured what most of us have been waiting for in a smartwatch. And today, we get a nice look at it courtesy of Mr. @evleaks, who leaked press renders of the Moto 360 from various angles.

Motorola Moto 360
Motorola Moto 360
Motorola Moto 360
Motorola Moto 360

There?s nothing hugely groundbreaking about these images, as we?ve already gotten a very good look at the device through trailers and what not, but it?s a thing of beauty, and a few more pictures really couldn?t hurt. If you look at @evleaks? original post, you will see the renders posted in…

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Former NASA Employee Katrina Parrott Launches New Diversity-Filled Emoji App



What do you do when you become frustrated with Apple’s lack of diversity within their emojis? Well, Katrina Parrott, a former NASA employee, took it upon herself to create her own app filled with a variety of over 900 diverse emoticons.

According to Katrina, after her daughter noticed the lack of diversity within the system she knew it was time to take it into her own hands to do her best in launching her own system. This is when the birth of iDiversicons happened.

Katrina stated, “We wanted all people to be able to find an emoticon that looked like them.” Since Apple doesn’t seem to be in a major rush to implement the ethnicity update, we respect those who have taken it upon themselves to do their part in raising the bar to equality.

RELATED: African Company Oju Africa Beats Apple to Release First Black Emojis

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“Weird Al” Yankovic, Mandatory Fun


Album cover scan

My CD copy of Mandatory Fun by “Weird Al” Yankovic arrived in the mail on Wednesday afternoon.  After ripping the tracks to my computer, I listened intently to all of them, following along with the lyrics in the liner notes.   There are 12 songs on the album: a mix of parodies, original compositions, and a medley.

I usually listen to contemporary jazz and jazz fusion, especially if there aren’t vocals.  So, you may be wondering why I would own a “Weird Al” Yankovic album.  I’ve admired “Weird Al” for years, dating back to Bad Hair Day, which my sister Lauren received back in 1996.  And since I’m not into mainstream pop and rock, Al’s parodies are as close I choose to get.

Here are my three favorite original compositions on Mandatory Fun:

  • “Mission Statement,” a Crosby, Stills and Nash pastiche a la “Suite: Judy Blue…

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Instagram IM Service leaked

Tech Daily Blog


Today a leaked screenshot shows that Instagram is preparing to release an instant messaging service. It will be called Bolt and be a photo sharing service similar to Snapchat. Only a few users saw this link and it appears to have been taken down. The Play Store link appears to be a dead link. Will you be using this service if it comes out? Leave a comment below and follow for the best daily tech news.

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Infographic: Google’s Ad Revenue Domination

The library is a verb: wondering, discussing, tinkering…

Melbourne High School Library

Image (3)

Curiosity can draw students in. Surprise them with something unexpected, provide no instructions, and you might attract a group of students asking questions, making assumptions, providing possibilities.

Makerspaces in the making. 

Image (2)

Student to me about the motherboard: Where did this come from? Did you put it here or did you come in this morning and just find it?

Me (looking up to the ceiling and raising my hands) ???

Image (1)

Image (4)

We are on our way to redefining the library space – not only as a place for books but also a place of wonder and tinkering.


Image (6)

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Samsung Gear 2 Neo Review (2014)

Ed Reviews All

This is a review for Samsung’s Gear 2 Neo smart watch, one of the two successors to 2013’s Galaxy Gear.  I have been using this watch since it came out in April and wear it at least 5 days a week for more than 8 hours each day.  There are two models for the Gear 2, the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo.  The Gear 2 has a steel exterior while the Gear 2 Neo is made from plastic; the latter also lacks the 2-megapixel camera which was moved from the strap unto the watch itself.  Besides the camera and the steel exterior to the watch itself, both watches are identical on the inside.  The watch has an upgraded 1.0 GHz dual-core Exynos 3250 system-on-chip.  Screen size has remained the same as the Galaxy Gear, 1.63 inch, 320 pixel-wide square-shaped Super AMOLED touchscreen display.  Memory remained the same at…

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